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nothing gives me greater joy...

...than seeing my clients and readers conquer their finances. To control your money, to spend it how you want to, to do things your way and build the life you want—that is true financial freedom.

If you're not successful, I'm not successful. That is something I keep in mind throughout all my coaching and writing.

Here are some success stories.

Tim Jordan

"We appreciate how well he listens..."

“Our family has used Tim as a sounding board for our personal finances for years. We appreciate how well he listens and builds balanced budget plans based on our family’s individual goals, challenges, and opportunities. Even more important is the ongoing relationship where he continues to check in, provides feedback and celebrates victories along the way.”

Jon & Kristen Sullivan

Denver, CO

"Thank you...for helping us make small monthly changes that amounted to a world of positive change for us!"

“When my husband and I decided we wanted to buy a house, we took a look at our finances and knew we were in a position to do it. We reached out to a mortgage lender, and got approved for much less than what we thought we could afford with a not so great interest rate. We weren’t sure what to do, but we knew we couldn’t move forward in our current situation.

We tried saving a little every month, and just felt like we weren’t making any real headway. We realized that we had too many small debts. Having to pay so many different lenders every month was getting us nowhere. We knew we had to do something different. I read an article posted by Tim called “The Best Way to Pay Off Debt with Little (or no) Extra Money” regarding the snowball method, and we immediately implemented this in our budget.

After a year of using the method, we paid off 5 credit cards and 3 small loans. After speaking with another mortgage lender, we got approved for $70K more than the year before and the interest rate was 1.5% lower than initially quoted. We ended up closing on 7/22/19! Thank you to Tim for helping us make small monthly changes that amounted to a world of positive change for us!”

Heather Zwicke

Chicago, IL

"(Tim) has insights and encouragement that goes beyond your typical financial coach."

Several years ago, we came up with a new plan to pay off our debt. We’d been working hard to get rid of debt, but felt like we were always swimming upstream, and felt discouraged — “We’ll NEVER get there!” Tim has been our go-to guy for advice on budgeting, debt-reduction, etc., and he gave us some advice I’ll never forget. He told us to just take a look back and see how far we’d come over the course of a year, or 5, or 10. He encouraged us that if we were able to pay off any of it in that time, we were headed in the right direction. Celebrate that and keep going! 

One day we were making a HUGE payment on a medical bill, and that discouragement started to creep in again. Our medical bills felt like they were going to do us in. In summer of 2018 I was looking for something on a hard drive and found a document titled “Shultz debt” from 2013. I opened it and couldn’t believe how far we had come towards debt-free living in that 5 years while paying for expensive medical bills.

Today, I want to encourage you to seek advice from Tim. Read his posts. Join his Facebook community (The Atypical Finance Community). And, read his new book. He has insights and encouragement that goes beyond your typical financial advisor. He’s smart, knows his stuff, but is also kind, compassionate, encouraging. 

Becky Shultz

Denver, CO

"By learning budget planning and spending control from Atypical Finance, we have, without hyperbole, turned our financial lives around."

“Life-changing — in the most positive way possible. By learning budget planning and spending control from Atypical Finance, we have, without hyperbole, turned our financial lives around.

I’ve managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in video production budgets. But somehow I wallowed in 10’s of thousands in credit card debt. Within 18 months of starting with Atypical, my wife and I are credit card debt-free. My wife says that Atypical’s “guidance has made all the difference in the world to how we got to this point.”

Having helped us right our credit ship, we asked Atypical to consult on our usurious U.S. Department of Education loans (Navient). As a result, we refinanced our mortgage and have escaped the felonious grip of the government’s education loan monopoly. The move cut our interest rate in more than half AND decreased our payments. Personable, smart, with a wicked head for spreadsheets, we cannot rank Atypical highly enough.

Please note — we did not pick Atypical because of Angie’s List, Yelp, Google reviews, etc. We were referred to Atypical Finance through a group of high-powered investment managers — a ridiculously successful firm that provides an excellent return on hundreds of millions of dollars … but they simply don’t focus on individual budgeting.”

Craig & Nancy Sinard

Minneapolis, MN

More Success Stories

"Do yourself a favor and choose Atypical Finance for your next financial consultation. In just one hour, Tim was able to provide me with a manageable budget that suited my needs as well as a vision for the future, and the necessary steps to take in order to achieve my financial goals."
Jon Golemba
Chicago, IL
"Working with Tim was great! He framed the conversation to what my needs and wants were. He was very knowledgeable about where I should prioritize my time and money. And the beauty of it all he helped me relax my mind about my money situation and told me 'You’re in a good spot Keisha. Don’t worry.' If you’re second guessing about booking with Tim, go ahead and do it! I know I’m wiser about my money decisions after talking to him."
Keisha Bracy
Chicago, IL
"Meeting with Tim set the foundation and gave me budget basics for me to be able to manage my money in a functional way.

I am so glad to have received several financial resources - budget apps, a total look at my income and monthly expenditures, online banking,  401k advice, and investment options for long term saving. Our coaching session was an investment I couldn't afford to miss. With a little practice I'll be conquering my cashflow!!!!!!!!!!"
Kristi Townsend
Chicago, IL
"Just wanted to thank you for all the financial advice. Thanks to your recommendations, we've actually paid off $25,000 in student loans in the past 10 months!"
Laura & Stephen Cooper
Denver, CO
"Very talented, professional, yet down-to-earth guy! We’ve had several Skype calls with him, and he gave us the info we needed to make right choices!"
Ruth Baer
Sioux Falls, SD

Benjamin Franklin

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

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