Learn How to Master Your Money!

Expert coaching to help you get complete control of your money, whether it's by budgeting better, getting out of debt, or reaching your financial goals fast.

I'll show you how.

  • Get Out of Debt
  • Stick to a Budget
  • Save for Your Future

Are you struggling to get control of your money?

  • Is your money going everywhere but where you want it to go?
  • Are you desperate to save more money?
  • Is fear stopping you from making financial decisions?
  • Are you doing well financially but aren't sure where to go next?
  • Do you feel like you are broke even though you have a decent salary?
  • Does it feel like your financial goals are getting farther away?
  • Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck?
  • Is your debt keeping you up at night?

I will help you find your version of financial freedom!

Interested in holding a group session for your employees or church group?

Single-Session Finance Coaching


60-Minute Session

What You Get

Expert Coaching and Accountability

  • Sixty Minutes just you and me (or you and me and your spouse) to talk about anything you need in your finances
  • 10-minute follow up call one month after your session. I want to know how you're doing with your new plan!
  • Unlimited email support between your session and follow up call.

Personalized Help for your Finances

  • We'll come up with a personalized plan based on your situation, your needs, and where you want to go
  • I'll help you create a spending plan that get you started on the life you want—and that will help you stick with it.
  • You'll get personalized tips to help your unique situation and struggles.

Clear Recommendations, Direction, and Next Steps

  • You will receive an action plan with specific recommendations and next steps for you to follow
  • You will receive all of your next steps in a follow up email so you can reference it anytime you need
  • Get from point A to point B along a clear path with my guidance

This is great for you if you...

  • Aren't quite sure where to go next with your finances
  • Need to focus on a single area of your finances—like debt, saving, or budgeting
  • Aren't quite ready for the Master Your Money Program
  • Need help with a mindset shift with money
  • Want to get started with managing your money in a way that will work for you
  • Want your money to stop keeping you up at night

What Others Are Saying...


Master Your Money Coaching Program

Three-Month Program

Six sessions with me in 90 days will give you a spending plan, a debt payment plan, and a savings plan all designed to help you reach your goals and be who you are. I'll give you the guidance, the encouragement, the knowledge, and the accountability you need to transform your financial life long-term.

Your three-month investment

$ 1,199

What You Get

Expert Coaching and Accountability

  • Six hour-long session (twice a month for three months)
  • Unlimited email support between sessions to ask me anything you need
  • 10-minute follow up call three months after your final session (I want to know how you're doing with your new plan!)

A Complete and Personalized Money Plan

  • A Spending Plan that is based on your individual goals, needs, and wants (and that you'll be able to stick with)
  • A Debt Payoff Plan to keep you ahead of your debt and pay it off quicker than you thought possible
  • A Savings Plan to build your emergency fund or reach any other financial goal you may have.

Clear next steps, a path to follow, and hope

  • Specific actions to take so you can keep going
  • Get from point A to point B along a clear path with my guidance
  • Feel good about your money again—or for the first time

Spend Intentionally. Save More. Live Better.

This is great for you if you...

  • Are ready to change your financial life for good
  • Can't get ahead of your debt or want to pay it off faster than you thought possible
  • Want to save more and reach your goals faster
  • Want to stop overspending once and for all
  • Would like to be able to go on vacation or do more of the things you love with your money
  • Want your money to stop keeping you up at night or causing you fear

But Tim, I can't master my money because...

I've tried budgeting before and it just doesn't work.

To put things simply, if your budget didn’t work, you were doing it wrong (or doing it like everyone else does). When set up around who you are and what you value, a budget will actually be freeing rather than restricting. Try it out! You’ve never managed your money like this before.

I don't know where to start.

No worries! I was in your shoes back in the day (am I showing my age?) With my guidance, I will not only show you where to start but how to keep going.

I don't make enough money.

Nonsense! I believe that you can reach Financial Freedom at any income level. Managing your money the right way (for you) will make you feel like you have more money. It’s like getting a raise without ever needing to ask your boss!

I don't have the time.

This is one of the biggest myths I have to dispel that even other money “experts” and “gurus” get wrong. Managing your money won’t take up much of your time if you’ve set it up to compliment who you are and your unique situation. It will be easy, natural, and effective.

Do these sound familiar? The truth is that you can manage your money effectively. You can (and will!) reach financial freedom, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. Not only that, but budgeting (the right way) is the best and quickest way to financial freedom, no matter what that looks like for you. With my help, you'll be where you want to be in no time.

I can't wait to work with you! So what are you waiting for? Schedule your session!

Meet Your Coach!

Hey! I'm Tim Jordan.

I’m an expert budgeter, author, and Certified Financial Coach.

My mission is to not only teach you money principles, but to teach you how to mold them to fit who you are and build the life you want. I’ve tasted real financial freedom (Hint: You can get there waaay before you have a million dollars) and now I live to help people like you get there too!

I’ve been helping others get control of their finances for the better part of 15 years, and if there is one consistent thing I’ve seen, it’s that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why I help you find the best financial methods that will meet your individual goals, needs, and wants.
I don’t believe your typical, average money advice works because it’s a cookie cutter approach that is supposed to work for everyone. I tried to fit into a mold by using typical money advice and I had less control of my money, went further into unnecessary debt, and felt guilty for spending. Since creating a money management system that fits around me, I’ve paid off debt faster, had more money to spend on what I wanted, and felt good about my money. No more guilt!
I want to teach you how to break the mold in your own life and find your version of financial freedom.
You are atypical (aka unique). Your money management system will be different from mine. Your finances should be as atypical and unique as you are.

I'll help you manage your money in a way that is natural and effective!

Not ready to hire me just yet?

I'd love to be able to help you out, but I understand if you're not ready. I've got a free checklist that'll help you get started with budgeting.

Where should I send it?

Interested in holding a group session for your employees or church group?

One of the best benefits you can give to your employees or congregation is financial wellness.
And I can help you out.