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Every time one of my kids walks down the stairs I’m always sure to blurt out “Be careful!” I have two little girls at home, ages seven and four. I watch them wobble down the stairs with toys and blankets (and whatever else they can grab) in their hands so they can keep playing. At......Read More
October 16, 2017
Have you ever been hit with an unexpected financial need such as a car repair, home repair, or school cost and you didn’t know where the money was going to come from to pay for it? I’ve been there. Many. Times. Learning how to take care of these situations can help you not only in......Read More
October 9, 2017
I will never forget the very first moment we added it all up. My student loans, plus my fiance’s. As we looked at the final number, my eyes grew wide and filled with tears. $90,000 in debt? What were we going to do? My then-fiance and I are both financially responsible, risk-averse, wise people. We dislike debt, work hard, and save money. But private college is EXPENSIVE, and a story like ours is not unusual for people our age. We got married in July of 2016, saddled with this huge amount of student loan debt, with one goal: Pay it off! After...Read More
October 2, 2017
These days, in order to get ahead financially in the job market, continuously being on the lookout for opportunities outside your company is almost a necessity. If you do research and you are on the lower end of the salary average for your position, one of the best ways to raise your salary is to......Read More
September 18, 2017
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