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6 Things Your Boss Can Teach You About Personal Finance

A great manager is a great coach. And a great coach has methods that relate directly to personal finance. At the end of April 2017, my manager left the company where I am employed. At the time, I had worked under him for almost all of my career at my current company. Honestly, he’s probably......Read More
May 21, 2018

Do These Nine Things Now if You Have a Variable Income

Budgeting on a variable income can be a beast. There isn’t any normalcy. You aren’t sure if you’re going to make enough money this week to pay your bills. Things can feel really uncomfortable trying to budget when you’re not bringing home the same amount every paycheck. You may have even given up on budgeting because it seems too difficult.  If you’re not getting paid the same amount of money regardless of how many hours you work, I’ve got some hope for you....Read More
May 14, 2018

10 Date Night Ideas That Cost $10 or Less

Budgeting for a date night is a double-edged sword. When you are planning them out, it can be fun to come up with things to do with your partner. Actually finding money for a date night–that can be a real challenge. If you and your partner are budgeting for date nights, there may be some......Read More
May 7, 2018

10 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Under $30

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! There’s no better way to say “Mom, you’re special to me” than doing something to show her. And I’m not talking about just with gifts. Mom’s have given so much to their children and deserve our time and gratitude as well. If you haven’t gotten anything to tell your mom how special she is yet, here are some great ideas—and all of them are under $30! Woot woot!...Read More
May 1, 2018

Fear: What it Does and How to Overcome it

Fear sucks. I don’t know of one person that actually likes to be afraid. We’d all much rather be confident in what we’re doing and not afraid of anything. I’ve started to notice fears in my own life. Some are normal, like having a fear that something will happen to my children. Others are because......Read More
April 23, 2018

Unexpected Expenses: 6 Things to Plan for and How

Unexpected expenses, or what we think are unexpected expenses come up all the time in our personal finances. Have you ever been hit with an unexpected expense?...Read More
April 16, 2018
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