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“not representative of a type, group, or class.”

Everyone is different and unique—and your budget should reflect that. Manage your money to reflect who you are and it will be easier to maintain, stick with, and change as you grow.

Budgeting is the Roots

A tree’s roots are there to anchor and provide resources for the tree. Your budget—reflecting who you are—will do the exact same thing for all other areas of personal finance.

Keep your roots (your budget) healthy and strong, and your financial tree will grow healthy, strong, and large.

I Know What it's Like

For years, I couldn’t get a handle on my money because I was trying to do it someone else’s way. I tried to conform to someone else’s view of what my budget should look like.

It didn’t feel natural to budget. I felt restricted by telling myself I couldn’t spend money. Then when I did spend money, I felt guilty and like I was letting myself down.

It wasn’t until I aligned my finances with who I am that I truly found financial freedom. Now I was in control. Not anyone else, and most importantly, not my money.

Now, I’ve paid off $26,000 in debt in 11 months, increased my income through raises and promotions at work, and spent money guilt-free.

All of this because I decided to be myself with my money.

Atypical Finance exists to guide you in doing the same thing. My passion, my ultimate goal in life, is to help you live a life truly free from financial worry. I want to teach you to manage your money in a way that will reflect who you are.

I believe that you are the best person to manage your finances. And I will show you how.

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