Imagine this for a minute. It’s a cool, Spring morning. You are sitting out on your patio with a warm cup of coffee, listening to you favorite morning music. The sun is rising as you enjoy a cup of yogurt for breakfast. A few minutes later your kids run out to find you in the spot they know you are every morning, the patio. You greet them warmly, get them breakfast, and begin your day with them. As the day goes on you ask them what they would like for lunch. They excitedly yell, naming off their favorite quick-service restaurant. You laugh and smile and tell them sure, after all, you have no debt and you’ve budgeted for “eating out” in your budget. You enjoy a meal with them out as you are able to spend time with them and give them your attention. After lunch, it’s time to go grocery shopping. You visit the store and pick out some things you need. While shopping you notice a mom with her two kids, all of them in old clothing, slightly tattered, crunching numbers on a calculator, deciding what she can afford to get. Your kids notice her kids, you notice the sad expression on her face as she puts a few items back. You both continue on your way, always keeping her in the back of your head. Check out time comes and again you notice this mom with her kids. She gets in the same register line right behind you. As the cashier finishes ringing you up you ask for a gift card for $200 to be added to the bill. The cashier obliges and tells you your total. You pay without thinking, because again, you have no debt and have budgeted for several of these moments. The cashier finishes ringing you in and you pack up your groceries as she begins to ring up the small amount of groceries the mom behind you was able to get. Smiling you hand the gift card to the mom behind you and tell her, “God Bless.” Her lips start to quiver as she tries to find a way to say thank you. This $200 would feed her small family for almost a month. She uses the gift card to pay for her groceries as you smile on the way out. You’ve just blessed someone beyond what you can even imagine. Freedom. Freedom is one of the main reasons to be free of debt. Because of this freedom the main character in this story was able to go out to lunch with their kids. At the grocery store, they were able to spend and extra $200 on someone else and bless them considerably. Because of this freedom, this person was able to talk to their kids on the way home about what just happened. They were able to explain to them that others are less fortunate than they are, that it’s our job to give back. It’s our job to bless others with our excess, giving to the poor, taking care of them so there’s no reason the government should need to. Because of this freedom this person’s only burden is to bless others. That’s the kind of freedom I want. All year we will be getting out of debt together, budgeting together, planning for these moments. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having taken care of your families financial needs and blessing others with what you’ve been given. Try it. You’ll be addicted. If you have any stories of this sort of thing either happening to you when you were in need or blessing others, please share in the comments below.

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