“Noooooo! I missed my favorite show because (enter legitimate excuse here)!”

Have you ever said those words before?

Oh, the double-edged sword of cable. There are some awesome shows out right now and cable offers the best if not the only way to watch it most of the time. But, those bills!!! Cable bills are terribly expensive and the only way to try and get ahead with your cable bill, if you’re going to keep it, is to keep bouncing back and forth between providers when the promotional period is up.

What a hassle!

Enter a very large and figurative pair of scissor.

One of the best and quickest ways that my wife and I cut out a good portion of our monthly expenses was by cancelling our cable service. By the time we finally decided to cancel cable our monthly bill was $136.66 a month! Now for just internet (through the same provider) we pay $71.95.

That’s just under a $65 dollar savings a month!

And it only took one phone call.

It was hard though! For about a month we were going back and forth trying to figure out a way to justify the cost by figuring out just how much we watch TV and going through Netflix (which we had even back then) and Hulu Plus (which we added shortly after we cancelled cable) to see if the shows we watched at the time were on those two services.

In the end, we decided against the cost of cable and added Hulu Plus to our lineup to get most of the shows we wanted.

You better believe though that I made a list of the 6 or 7 movies we had on DVR at the time to work my way up to getting them all. We now own almost all of them, which even if they were $20 each would still be cheaper than a month’s worth of cable.

All in all it’s been worth it. We really don’t miss the shows we don’t watch anymore and it is a lot less stress (especially with our current schedules and two kids) to not have to worry about missing something on TV.

Now with Hulu Plus and Netflix we watch TV shows whenever we want to, which is nice.

It’s kind of funny too because now Netflix has added a ton of the shows we used to watch when we used to have cable.

Score one for cable cutting!

My advice is to really take a look at if you really need cable television. We are saving almost $60 a month now with cutting cable and adding Hulu Plus. That’s a huge savings with a simple phone call.

Also, now with the recent deal that Netflix signed with Disney, I don’t even miss the Disney Channel anymore!  😉

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