Hold a finance class for your employees or church group.

Show your people how valuable they are by providing them with financial wellness.

One of the best benefits you can give to your employees or congregation is financial wellness. I will come in and teach your people everything they need to build a budget and debt payoff plan that they'll actually be able to stick with.

And it's super easy to work with me.

Step 1

We’ll meet so I can get to know you and your company or church culture.

Step 2

We’ll set up a date for the class.

Step 3

Your people will learn how to budget, get out of debt, and spend in a way that fits them.

With my help, your people will...

  • Learn how to budget in a way that will work for them
  • Figure out what they truly value so it's easy to stick with their budget
  • Learn ways to get out of debt FAST
  • Get an inside look at my budget and how I created it
  • Learn more than 25 different budgeting principles, how to choose the ones they like, and how to incorporate them into their own budget
  • Learn how to use budgeting to get out of debt, save for goals, and spend in a way that fits each person individually
  • Receive FREE printables and templates for creating their own budgets and debt payoff plans

Pricing is tailored to suit the needs of each individual company and church.

A Gift for You and Your People

I'd love to be able to work with you, but whether you hire me or not, I want to give you a great tool for your team—completely free.

Enter your email and I'll send you a free checklist that'll help your team get started with creating the only budget they'll ever need.

Where should I send it?

Meet Your Guide

Hey! I'm Tim Jordan, and I have a passion to teach your people about financial wellness.

Financial freedom isn't just about having enough money to pay the bills. True financial freedom is being able to do what you want with your money, not feel guilty about it, and reaching your financial goals quickly.

I'd love to teach your group of people how to reach a new level of financial wellness.